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Drive D is at 13% HELP


FPCH New Member
Aug 12, 2006
Okay so my computer is kinda new like a year and a half old and ive had to restore it over and over cause of some stuff my brother downloaded I made disks when I got the computer and I dont have them anymore is there any hope for fixing this or am I gonna hafta buy windows xp thanks


FPCH Member
Jan 21, 2006
Telford, UK
Unless you can find the original restore disc or discs, it is highly unlikely that you can reinstall Windows. Some machines have a special restore button that you can press during boot up; it brings you into the manufacturer's own special restore application that allows you to restore your machine like new, others don't.

If your machine is still within warranty, I recommend contacting your technical support, explaining the situation and hope that they can provide a replacement disc. If not, you will have to pay for a new Windows license if you want to reinstall it. From ebuyer.com, it costs £60.67 including delivery while I write this: Windows XP Home Edition (OEM).