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Drug Dealers try to shoot Santa (Not our mod)



Rio Gangsters Try To Shoot Down Santa

Drug gangs in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro tried to shoot down a helicopter carrying Father Christmas to a children's party.

Gangsters in a Rio slum opened fire on the chopper apparently mistaking it for a police aircraft.
A police official said: "They thought it was a police operation and started shooting. Luckily, nobody was hurt."
The helicopter had to return to its base after the attack.
Two bullet holes were found in its fuselage.

Police said the pilot, contracted to take an actor dressed as Santa to the party in the Nova Mare slum, was flying over the neighboring Vila Joao shantytown when it was fired upon.
The Santa, who did not want to identify himself, was later transported by car to the party, where he distributed about 700 gifts.
He said: "I was very sad to see the children frustrated. They were expecting Santa to arrive by helicopter and that didn't happen."
The slums, or favelas, of Brazil's major cities are notorious for drug-dealing and violence.