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dvd drive not reading ?!?


FPCH Member
May 29, 2008
i recently bought a PC game which i had to install, so i inserted the disc waited and nothing happend, ive used disc cleanup on my computer and removed some of my stuff from my documents and tried it again and nothing happens when i insert the game. i tried a normal dvd and the same happened. any help would be appreciated, by the way im using windows XP home


FPCH Long Term Member
Jan 9, 2008
34° 12' 35" N, 118° 29' 21" W
Do you see the drive at all in My Computer?

Take a look in Device Manager - you can get there by clicking on your START menu, then the RUN... and type if devmgmt.msc then click the OK button.
Look to see if there is a YELLOW or a RED icon on any of the drives or devices.

Approximately how old is the computer?
Is it a Laptop or a Desktop?


FPCH Member
May 29, 2008
its no more than 5 years old if that. it's a desktop and yes i see the drives in my computer but nothing to do with the game or dvds appear



Follow the advice offered in the post by Advanced Setup and get back to us.

We are here to help but we just need more information Comp54.


FPCH Member
May 29, 2008
ive had a look at device manager and could not see any red or yellow icon and i ran the file you said and unfortunetly nothing happened, after trying a few dvds and the game.


Jan 22, 2003
USA, Nebraska
PC Experience
Very Experienced
Since the drive shows in My Computer and Device Manager shows no problems but it won't read the contents of the DVD you probably have a bad drive. They can fail especially after 5 years. You just never know.

Borrow another drive and try it. That's what I would do.


FPCH Long Term Member
Dec 17, 2007
i recently bought a PC game which i had to install, so i inserted the disc waited and nothing happend
The drive may have the "auto play" feature disabled, or the disk itself is not an auto play disk.

Insert the game and wait one minute. When you see the drive from "My Computer", right click on it and choose Explore. You should now see a "Setup" file in which you double left click on it to start the game installation.

If that doesn't work, please explain at what point the above instructions fail.


FPCH Member
May 29, 2008
tried the above when i inserted the disc, once again nothing happened so i right clicked on the drive in My Computer and clicked explore and it said insert disc into the drive?? !!


Tech Guru
Jun 1, 2008
Meath, Ireland
PC Experience
Elite PC Guru
Few things to try

Begin with the first procedure and continue through the list. Try using the CD or DVD after each procedure is completed. For any procedure that requires changing current system settings, record the original settings before completing the procedure.
  1. Verify that the correct disc (CD/DVD) is used when prompted to insert the disc.
  2. For programs on DVD, verify that the drive containing the DVD is a DVD drive and not a CD-ROM drive. Most DVD drives will have DVD printed on the front of the drive. For programs on DVD, consider the following:

  • DVD drives can read both DVD's and CD's.
  • CD-ROM drives can read only CD's.
  1. If multiple disc drives (e.g., CD-ROM and CD-RW, or DVD and DVD-RW, or CD-ROM and DVD-RW, etc.) exist on the computer that can read the disc (refer to the items under Step 2), insert the CD or DVD into the other drive and try the program again.
  2. If you are attempting to install a program and the installation does not begin after inserting the CD/DVD into the proper drive, refer to the program's instructions for the installation procedure, or try starting the installation in the following manner:

  1. Close all programs and windows and return to the desktop.
  2. Click Start, select Settings (Windows® 2000/XP Classic Start Menu) and click Control Panel.
  3. Double-click the Add/Remove Programs icon (Windows® 2000/Windows® XP in Classic View). The Add/Remove Programs window will open.

    NOTE: For Windows® XP, if the Add/Remove Programs icon does not appear in the Control Panel, click Classic View (on the left) and then double-click the Add/Remove Programs icon. The Add/Remove Programs window will open.
  4. Verify that the CD/DVD is in the correct drive and click the Add New Programs button (left).
  5. Click the CD or Floppy button. The Install from Floppy Disk or CD-ROM window will open.
  6. Click Next. Windows® will begin scanning the drives for any Setup or Install files. After the drives are scanned, the install command will appear in the Open: line.

    NOTE: If the Open: line is empty, stop here and continue with Step 5.
  7. Click Finish. The installation should begin.
  8. Follow the program instructions to complete the installation.
  1. Clean the CD/DVD in the following manner:

  1. Place a small amount of nonabrasive liquid soap on the shiny side of the CD/DVD.
  2. Using your fingertips and warm water, gently rub the soap on the CD/DVD in a circular motion.
  3. Rinse the CD/DVD thoroughly and dry it using a clean, soft T-shirt or lint-free towel. (Do not use paper towels or tissue paper.)
  1. Verify that the most current version of the driver for the DVD or CD drive is being used. This is accomplished in the following manner:

  1. Close any open programs or windows and return to the desktop.
  2. Right-click the My Computer icon and choose Properties from the menu that appears.
  3. In the System Properties window, click the Hardware tab.
  4. Click Device Manager button.
  5. Click View and choose View Devices By Type.
  6. In the list that appears, locate DVD/CD-ROM Drives or Controller.
  7. Click the plus sign (+) next to this listing. The CD and/or DVD drive manufacturer and drive model number will appear below the DVD/CD-ROM Drives listing.
  8. Double-click the name that appears.
  9. In the Properties window, select the Driver tab.
  10. Record the information that appears.
  11. Contact the computer or CD/DVD drive manufacturer and request information regarding the newest driver for the drive. In most cases, information can be obtained at the web site of the computer or CD/DVD drive manufacturer.

    NOTE: Do not click the Update Driver button. The Update Driver wizard searches the system (not the Internet) for drivers to the selected device.
  12. Download and install the new driver.
  13. Try the CD or DVD again.
  1. Try to use a different CD or DVD in the drive to see if that disc can be read.
  2. If possible, insert the problem CD or DVD into the DVD or CD drive of another computer to see if the issue persists.