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DVD ROM disks will not run


FPCH New Member
Nov 25, 2007
I have a DVD RW drive and have recently tried to install software from a DVD ROM disk.

When I put the disk in I get an error "D:/setup.exe is not a valid Win32 application" but I can run installations from CD rom disks.

I tried formatting my hardrive and reinstalling everything but get the same error, I also bought a brand new DVD RW drive and still nothing.

I used to be able to run these disks, but I cant resinstall programs I previously had working.

Does anyone have any ideas?


FPCH New Member
Dec 9, 2007
I have this exact same problem with my DVD RW drive. Worked fine one day, then all of a sudden this error occurs. I'm actually unaware of a way to fix this problem, but i know of a way around it. Simply start your PC in Safe Mode, then try installing the Software from your DVD-Rom, and it should work perfectly.

This method works fine for me when i revieve this error.


I'll agree with Dave here as it sounds like the executable run file on that particular disk is damaged or the disk is physically damaged.
Try turning off the Auto Run feature in the optical drive properties under the Auto Play tab like in the shot below.