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dvd rom drive doesnt work


FPCH New Member
May 10, 2007
hope someone can help...

i have a gsa hl20 lg dvd rom drive. had my computer for under a year now. for some reason, my dvd rom drive wont play any dvd at all, including dvd rom games. oddly enough ive found, with some games, i can get the computer to recognise the disk, then search all files, copy the files to my hard drive, then install, put the disk in again, and the game will work. ie with battlefield 2142. but this doesnt always work, and still it takes ages to load. most of the time, i put the disk in, and cpu usage goes up to 50, sometimes 80 or 90 percent, then crashes xp, will freeze, and wont unfreeze until i take the disk out again. ive also noticed in my computer, it seems to say DVD RAM drive, then underneath CD drive...is that normal? either way, im so annoyed by this, as the computer does recognise some disks, but wont let me look at the files, or let me play or install anything from the disks...please please someone help...


FPCH Long Term Member
Dec 13, 2007
PC Experience
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Operating System
Windows Vista - Home Basic
Another long past post that I will try to answer.

Some DVD-ROM games come on dual layer discs that need a dual layer DVD-ROM drive to be read properly. This may be what is causing the lock up, and the drive to be listed as a CD drive. When a disc is inserted into a drive, that the drive does not recognize, such as a dual layer disc in a single layer reader, the computer will often default to reading the disc as a CD.