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DVD-rom not reading any disks


FPCH New Member
Apr 24, 2007
any help really appreciated.The DVD/CD drive on my Acer 3630 laptop just isn't reading any disks.The disks rotate but that's about it.I've contacted acer and they have advised me to ALT/F10 for system restore , but that seems fairly drastic, as I'll lose everything on the c drive.I could move some files to the d drive , but that's just time.
Would a possible solution be to uninstall and reinstall the drivers for the DVD ?
As I say , any advice really appreciated.


FPCH Long Term Member
Feb 7, 2007
South Africa
I have a faily similar problem coz i also got an acer laptop and it seems to me the cd/dvd roms on them isnt very good. myn sometimes works fine and other times it doesnt read the disk at all. i think try putting the laptop on a flat surface and closing the drive carefully. it seems to me that when i am using on "bumpy" areas the drive is not working good. Tell me if you get something right.