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dvd-rw burning


FPCH New Member
Jul 16, 2007
I recently bought a NEC AD-5170A (OPTIARC) DVD-RW from Ebuyer (bare drive only).
It will burn and play CDs ok but will not burn DVDs. It will play some DVDs but one in particular it will play the intro music but not the speech. This is using Real Player and Nero 6. I have tried Deep Burner but without success. When trying to burn it comes up with “writer error—medium error(power calibration area error)”.
I have tried using both DVD-R and DVD+R discs.
Any ideas please?


FPCH Member
Jun 29, 2007
PC Experience
Operating System
the error message you are recieving is to do with the following i believe...
"and deep breath"and here goes...
"medium speed error" and "power calibration error" messages are a problem that occurs with newer as well as older CD writers. These error messages mean that the CD writer can not write to the empty CD-R/DVDRW because it can´t adapt the laser output power to the power needed to write the CD-R. This may be have different causes some are as follows.

1)outdated aspi driver you can get a newer one from neros website www.nero.com/support then utilities i believe

2)firmware not able to use your cd's dvd's the only way to get new firmware is from the manufacturers site...please make sure you download the correct firmware for your drive model and revision check check then double check,flashing the drive with the wrong firmware could leave it unusuable.

3)dirty lense.......get hold of a cd lense cleaner and try cleaning it.

4)incompatible cd's dvd's try a different brand

i hope that helps
kind regards