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Easy movie maker questions?

Aura Todd

FPCH Member
Aug 20, 2018
PC Experience
I've downloaded this and added photo's in the clips timeline and added transitions. i then clicked the arrow on the top right hand side and the spinning dots took a while. I'm now on a page where it will play and i can add text etc, but when I try to add text to diffrent photo's, it won't let me do this and keeps bringing me right back to the bigginning. I don't want to export the video yet and i still want to add text to variouse photo's.

Also can anyone explain to me what the green line is at the bottom I have to drag out? it says adjust the time of the text?

I'm trying to press play and trying to stop on the idividual photo's. But when I try and add text I get sent right back to the start. The arrow for the next frame doesn't seem to work either. Can I get advice for where I am going wrong please?

Sometimes the buttons don't respond when I click on them and honestlly don't think the programme is working properly. If Not can you suggest an alternative? (Not windows movie maker, as that doesn't seem to work properly)

Many thanks.
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