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email on to outlook


FPCH New Member
Jul 11, 2007
Firstly can i apologise for asking what must seem as the most obvious question but i do not know and do not wish to pay £ a min for some one to tell me. We had my wifes virgin.net email account coming onto Microsoft outlook (my brother set up the computer and he is not available) and for some reason it no longer seems o be going via outlook we can access it via her webmail account and wish to set it back up so it is on outlook if anybody can tell me what i need to do i would be very grateful. I tried but it was asking for an ip address and i do not know where to find this

many thanks



FPCH Member
Jun 29, 2007
PC Experience
Operating System
when you load up outlook what is the message you get....can you see hte email account to edit it.....
if NO then you will need to reset it up.....the only thing i can think of (why its asking for an ip address) is that you are setting it up for microsoft exchange,,,,if it asks you what emaila ccoutn to set up try choosing pop3.
then running through that.....things to remeber, most email providers use your email address as your account name...your passowrd is usually the same as your dial up/ broadband password..and i believe virgin use the following
pop3 server = mail.virgin.net
and smtp server = mail.virgin.net

here is a link on how to set up email with virgin