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FPCH New Member
Jan 31, 2012
PC Experience
Very Experienced
electric sound of the computer enclosure goes around, comes at regular intervals.
Computer freezes when I pressed the power button does not turn off the computer.
this time compelled to respond to those who know what could be the reason. if I close out the plug, I'm happy (emergency)
MY COMPUTER ;4GB RAM 1024MB graphics card Nvdia GeForce 500 HDD
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Oct 19, 2008
Wirral UK
Hi and welcome to FpcH

Please do not use the large fonts sizes.

electricsound ofthe computerenclosuregoes around, comesat regular intervals
Are you saying that when you switch on there are beeps coming from the inside of the computer?

If this is correct - what is the pattern of the beeps? ( 1 long 2 short .............3 short ............... ?? )
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