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Everything dissapeared from Outlook mailbox


FPCH New Member
Jan 6, 2007
Hi, please be patient with me, this is my first post!

I use Windows Xp and have a problem with MS Outlook. NTL are my Broadband provider and for the last 18 months I have been using 3 mailboxes set up on Outlook. I went to check one mailbox last night and everything has disappeared from it, all of the Inbox, Deleted and sent items. The other two are fine. I can still send and receive new ones to this mailbox.

I am no expert, I can see that the .pst file is still present in My Documents, but the properties say there is only about 64KB in it. Can anyone give me any ideas on how to retrieve the lost items. Thanks very much. Sarah
Jan 21, 2006
Are you using System Restore? If so, restoring back to a date when your emails were all there might work. Other than that you will need to access the most recent backup, if you have one.