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External hard drive problem.

Plastic Nev

Deceased - sadly missed
Oct 19, 2008
Not sure about Windows above 7 Ray, however with Vista and 7 all the safe to remove does is to check that data isn't being passed or used, hence why when it finds that data is still in use it tells you to stop whatever program is using it first. It cannot normally actually stop data as far as I know and therefore won't turn off the drive as such, unlike when you tell the CD/DVD drive to eject and it then stops the drive and sends the drawer or disk out.

As an aside, with either the external hard drive, a thumb drive or even an SD card from my camera, I simply right click on the drive and choose "Eject", the pop up small window then comes up to say it is safe to remove. or to turn off whichever program is using it.


FPCH Member
Feb 9, 2013
South Yorkshire UK
PC Experience
Thanks Nev,

Also using the "Eject" or "Safely Remove" from ... Computer > Right Click on the drive in question > gives you a visual conformation that its safe as the drive disappears from the list.

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