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External hardrive deleted all data on computer


FPCH New Member
Dec 29, 2006
I just hooked up my MY Book premium 500GB to a new Gateway PC. After restarting the computer nearly all the files were lost from the PC. All the pictures all the music, all the documents. Everything but the programs. I looked anywhere I could think of for the data, on the PC harddrive and the MYbook but couldnt find it anywhere. Has anyone heard of this problem before and is there anyway to retrieve it? There are a lot of important pictures that are now missing. I have hooked the external HD up to about 4 other computers and have never had this problem before. THanks for the help.


FPCH Member
Jan 21, 2006
Telford, UK
That sounds very odd. The only reason I can think that this would occur is that the My Book external hard drive has had an installation of Windows put on it and your computer is set to boot from USB disks. However, this is quite rare and unlikely.

Perhaps the built-in system restore routine on your Gateway PC has been activated during boot up (somehow)? Someone may have done it by accident; most PC manufacturers put their own system restore routine which essentially wipes the hard disk and puts back Windows and the files as it was originally when it left the factory. This would most certainly make the files become lost.

I recommend you get into contact with Gateway, it might be a problem they can resolve since it has only occured with a computer manufacturer by them.


FPCH New Member
Mar 23, 2007
trying to resolve a sound device problem, the manual said to go into restore to previous driver. I did this and was horrified to find that it did a factory default and I had nothing left. all my pics and documents were gone. I mananged to install internet, e-mails etc.