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Files that appear gone but still in the system?


FPCH New Member
Nov 11, 2006
Hello, I run windows XP and yesterday I noticed that a file that contains about 500 mp3's is acting strange, only the first 49 show up in the file when I open it. I thought maybe somehow the rest got deleted but I had put some songs on a usb key to listen in on my xbox and then I took those songs and copied them back into the folder, now these songs that are on the usb key are songs that have disappeared but when I copied them over I was promted that those songs were in the folder even though I can't see them. Now when I copy them over they remained in the folder for a few seconds and then disappeared leaving the same 49. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.


FPCH Member
Jan 9, 2007
try to see if they are hidden go to tools/folder options and clikc show hidden files and folders