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FREE Web Authoring Software.. Nvu or WebDwarf ?


FPCH Member
Jan 7, 2008
PC Experience
Operating System
Windows Vista - Ultimate
I'm trying to choose a FREE web authoring software and have already
experimented a bit with Nvu v1.0 but I'm also considering WebDwarf v2.0.

So far I like Nvu becasue it's user interface is similar to Frontpage
and I intend to do a good amount of manual HTML coding, so I want
to be able to quickly switch between a HTML code view and a Website
view. I plan to use Filezilla for publishing, so I'm not concerned about
any FTP features in my web authoring software.

Ok with all that said, I heard that Nvu is a bit buggy and the last
release was v1.0 in 2005. So can someone tell me what kinds of bugs
can I expect when using Nvu?

If I plan to do a good amount of manual HTML coding, is Nuv better
than WebDwarf?

How do WebDwarf and Nvu compare?