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FTP problems

May 14, 2007
i am at my wits end with problems with our ftp and was wondering whether someone might be able to help? Basically I run a small typing company and so upload huge dictation files to a ftp site daily. For some reason 80% of the time the uploads fail saying, 'the connection with the server was reset, timed out etc..' i have tried unchecking the use passive ftp option but still no joy. Our ISP says call our web hosts, and the webhost says call the ISP so neither are helping at all. Generally they dont fail until they have been uploading for an hour or so. I'm using Blue Yonder Internet (wirelessly but have tried plugging in and same error messages) and Fast Hosts are supporting the FTP. The files which i upload are over 100mb so pretty huge but sometimes the uploads work fine so i'm very confused! If anyone can help me i will be eternally grateful...


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Apr 22, 2007
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Your problem lies with the size of the file, because they are so large the server resets its self. Although you can see the file going over the server sees this an inactive session.

I ***ume you are using ftp via your browser eg ftp. yourdomain.com and logging in, if this is the case try using a proprietory brand ftp solution such as cute ftp available from http://www.globalscape.com/downloads/

Try this first if not post back and we will see if there is any thing else to help with