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Fuzzy audio from headppphones only


FPCH New Member
Nov 11, 2014
London England
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Some Experience
I have a Creative[FONT=&quot]Sound Blaster Zx sound card .[/FONT]
I Get fuzzy sound from earphones when listening to online audio(ie speech from a tutorial) even though sound from the speakers on the desktop is ok when listening to the same audio.(Earphones work ok on laptop- can hear on line audio ok.)Earphones work oK when connected to creative labs gigaworks progamer g500 power touch wired controller on desktop when listening to “on board” music like recorded CDs.
I Disconnected mic + earphone cables of[FONT=&quot] [/FONT][FONT=&quot]Creative Labs Sound Blaster Zx sound card[/FONT] audio control module from soundcard sockets. This module had facility for plugging in a mic or earphones with a volume control . Connected earphones to lower end of power touch wired controller (that is connected to sub woofer).This remote controls volume and sound distribution to the 5.1 speakers.
Still got fuzzy sound from earphones when listening to online audio on the desktop when connected to the remote controller .Sometimes only speech is affected.
I Connected earphones direct to soundcard phone socket and phones worked ok. Wired Controller would not adjust volume or turn sound off to phones.
I Connected phone socket cable only to sound card. Connected phones to red audio control module and they worked ok.But no sound from speakers when ear phone cable disconnected from red module.
Can I be advised on this issue please
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