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Google Chrome Extensions - Click & Clean


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Oct 6, 2011
UK - London
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Well, the Forum Index said to share your tips with others, so here goes yet another beauty I admire.

Click & Clean is a smart little extension that is superb in controlling your bits and pieces like no other can. I use it all the time for manually deleting my cache, checking and authorising cookies, looking at my browsing history and a few more magical actions. See :-

I always close my browser using C&C, it does it securely and automatically deletes your personal selection of junk. I set it to clear the cache, browsing history, download history and cookies.

There are many other items you can select to delete on closure. Cookies can be sorted into a Cookies to Keep and Delete list, so you do not delete cookies that are necessary for your favourite sites or Google account. Google gets real upset if you delete its cookies and throws an uncontrollable tantrum. C&C has never given a speck of trouble, only benefits.
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