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Graphics card help


FPCH New Member
Jun 28, 2010
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Some Experience
Hey, I've been wanting to upgrade my old computer a bit, then give it to my son to use as a gaming computer (he's 10, so it obviously doesn't have to be the best)

I want to upgrade the ancient Intel 82845g to a nvidia 6400 or so, would this be doable?

It has a intel 4 2.8ghz processor/1066 ram

thank you very much for your time
May 27, 2008
Stockport near Manchester
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Elite PC Guru
On the actual Motherboard will be a name (brand such as ASUS, GIGABYTE, MSI) and there will also be a model number P5K premium - GA- *** and so on.
Or if that fails take a pic of the board and post it here, at least from that I can tell you if its AGP or PCI-E