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Graphics card memory


FPCH New Member
Jan 19, 2008
I'm trying to play a game that needs a 128Mb Graphics card, thats all well and good, i have a 128mb graphics card but when i try to run the game it says the games needs 70mbs of Graphics card memory to run and i only has57 mbs... any ideas...?

I'm running with XP, 1 gig RAM and fulfill all the other requirements set by the game.

Thanks a lot



FPCH Long Term Member
Jan 9, 2008
34° 12' 35" N, 118° 29' 21" W
Hi Heardyousmile and Welcome to FPCH

Try disabling all screen savers.

Remove any THEMES and use the Windows classic setting

Remove any background wallpaper images and just use a single solid color with no patterns.

Try those and let us know how it goes. Also close or stop things from auto starting if you don't use them.