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Graphics Card & Motherboard Advice: Help please! :)


FPCH New Member
Aug 7, 2006

I'm looking to upgrade my Graphics card. I'm running on 512MB RAM (Although I'm likely to upgrade that shortly also) and a http://www.shopping.com/xPF-Biostar_Biostar_M7VIQ_Socket_A_VIA_DDR_A_V_L_ATA133_USB2_0_MATX motherboard.

The graphics card I've decided to get is a http://www.nvidia.com/page/geforce6200_agp.html .

I am not certain I have met some of the requirements. They are;

-Being able to cope with 250 Watts (On the Motherboard?)
-Intel Pentium 3 Processor
-VGA or DVI-I for the monitor.

How can I check those three?

How difficult is it to install a Graphics Card alone?

Could you suggest somewhere to order items from, in the UK?

Thank you. :)


FPCH Member
Jan 21, 2006
Telford, UK
For the first point, you need to check the rectangular silver power supply unit (PSU) on the back of your machine. The manufacturer's quote is a minimum of 250 watts but a safe minimum is actually 300 watts. Your processor is definitely powerful enough for this graphics card, as the processor support for your motherboard exceeds a Pentium 3 equivalent anyway. So need to worry on that point. As for the connection type, the graphics card you buy will have a standard VGA D-sub connector but may also have an additonal DVI connection. This exists solely for people with modern DVI monitors who want a clearer, sharper image. If you have a "normal" monitor, you probably need not be bothered about this.

As for sourcing a new graphics card, you have to make sure you buy an AGP version; PCI Express is the new type of bus that is quickly replacing the ageing AGP standard. So finding AGP cards is getting gradually more and more difficult.

I'm guessing you're from the US, so here's the best deal I could find on the card: PNY GeForce 6200. It's $33.00 plus shipping from newegg.com.