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graphics card or onboard?? Don't have a clue!


FPCH New Member
May 13, 2007
Hi people,

I am a complete novice as the following question will show. Ive recently bought a Goodmans 27" LCD/ TV. HD Ready GTVL27W23HD and will be using it as a PC monitor at times to watch films etc. I don't know the difference between VGA DVI HDMI and all the other cable codes i see today. Ive been told that if the graphics are onboard my pc then a VGA is required whereas if the graphics are on a card a DVI is used. I haven't got a clue how to check whether the graphics are on a card or not. How do i check? Also is it possible to get a cable to play the films in HD or will the VGA or DVI cable provide this automatically? What cables should i use? Please help!!


FPCH New Member
May 15, 2007
There are graphic cards with dmi outputs and these days now have the hdmi connections (for hdtv). Most likely, you will need an lcd/tv because the tvs have dmi and vga inputs.