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Graphics Card Problems!!


FPCH New Member
Jan 11, 2008
Ok when i put my feshly opened 880gts into my an-m2 mobo, i turn on my pc and the screen is black with no information up on it, i mean NOTHING no infomation goes to on board or gtw while the gts is plugged in, UNLESS i unplug the gts go into bios and aslk i to use the onboard as primary (why would i need tihs in rl life i dont know) reinstall the gts into the machine and goto boot up, hmmh looking good its startgin to load windows, off the onboard while the gts is plugged in...oh look it just does load at all the bar keep swinging across for ever, so i try safe mode it gets stuck part wayt down, ill retry this and post where it gets stuck at, but i dont think it will help...

either im having some serious mobo issues or im doing summink wrong...

i tried it with an old 6600gt hangin about, it does the same thing! whyyy

is it all graphics cards, or just my ****** pc.!!.


2g ram
4400+ X2 AM2
Hyper Power 750w Sli certified...with alsorts of other stuff
other fans and stufffor cooling

and ABIT AN-M2 MOBO WHICH IS RLY ANNOYING cos i just spent 230 on my loverly preover clocked MSI 8800GTS "NX8800"

Please Help me!!



FPCH Long Term Member
Dec 17, 2007
Operating System
Windows Vista - Home Premium
Hi Ryan,

Since both the AGP and PCI-E card both exhibit the same problem, then I suggest the issue is one of insufficient power, or the BIOS.

Check the mobo's site for a bios update and let us know how things go.