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Graphics card-what is it.


FPCH Long Term Member
Jan 5, 2008
Galashiels, Scottish Borders
PC Experience
Operating System
Windows Vista - Home Premium
Hi again, just a quick question of no real importance but I'm curious.

I recently acquired an old PC with the plan of installing Ubuntu to have a play about on, even considered the possibility of a dual boot with XP if I could get hold of a disk and was able to get it done. Basically the PC is meant for me to play about with and not worry too much if I break it.

Its almost at the point that it would be cheaper to get a brand new one though,lol, although I am still hoping to find parts. It need a new graphics card and hard drive and last time I turned it on had no picture at all, so not sure if graphics card has completely gone or thinking it might be the ram. Hoping I'll be able to scrounge the parts to make sure it will work before buying new ones.

Anyway that's got nothing to do with the question. The same person who reinstalled windows on our other PC gets a lot of old PCs through, not really sure what he does. But he gave me a graphics card, well actually gave my dad a graphics card, I'd have known that this one wouldn't fit. He's also promised me a hard drive.

Know I need a AGP graphics card and my research seems to suggest apart from that you get PCI and PCI express cards. Finally the question. What is this I can't find one like it on-line but maybe I'm not looking in the right place. Its apparently Linux compatible.

As I said not important just interested that's all. And sorry that the quick question, wasn't that quick.


FPCH Member
Jan 8, 2008
Aperture Science
PC Experience
Operating System
Windows XP - Media Center Edition
That's a Savage S3Virge MX 260.

I'm going to see if I can find more info on it.

By the way, if you're going to install Ubuntu, get an nVidia card. The ATI/AMD support for Ubuntu is, well, miserable. ;)