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Hard drive error I REALLY NEED HELP


FPCH New Member
Jan 17, 2007
i have both a sata drive for my operating system and normal serial for storage. i tryed adding a new hard drive and i thin i have messed my storage drive u. i have taken out my hard drive which i tryed to add this error message keeps appring

c:\ is not acessible
the wrong diskette is in the drive insert(volume serial number: ) into drive c:\.

Can any one help??


FPCH Member
Jan 21, 2006
Telford, UK
It sounds like your boot order is set incorrectly. Either that or you have ruined the hard drive somehow, such as by letting it drop or leaving it near a magnetic current or field. Try checking your BIOS boot order first, then unplug all drives except the faulty one. If it doesn't boot then, you've either corrupt the OS or the disk is faulty in itself.