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Hard Drive Upgrade....won't work


FPCH New Member
Apr 1, 2008

I have a new maxtor hard drive. I've installed it in my hp d530 desktop. It recognizes the new hard drive on boot and i accept changes to the system but then all i get is a blank screen. Not even the xp splash screen. I am using xp pro. The old hard drive is seagate.
I have tried changing the jumper pin config, but no joy.

Anyone know about compatability with hp/maxtor

hope someone can help, thanks


FPCH Long Term Member
Feb 7, 2007
South Africa

You must first partition the new drive and then format it.

Do you want to use the new drive as the one with your windows on or as a secondary slave drive?


FPCH New Member
Apr 1, 2008
My Apologies....my "new" hard drive already has windows xp on it from another machine as i have got this from another machine. It is a straight swap with old hard drive



Hi Blue

Hey if it was only that simple.
What's happening here mate is that the hardware parameters on the Maxtor do not match the hardware you have in the HP Desktop, that's why it's not loading.
Microsoft think your pirating you see.
When you first install XP and activate it kinda sends your hardware profile back to MS, if you then change anything like say a mother board MS thinks you have installed XP in another pc and they start growling hence no start up.
You could ring MS and tell them your systems blew up apart from the hard drive and they may let you reinstall it again, but I doubt it.
If you wiped the Maxtor and reinstalled XP and went to activate MS would decline you because, as I have said before, the hardware does not match.

Hope this helps