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Hardrive and service pack 1


FPCH Member
Dec 7, 2008
PC Experience
Very Experienced
Operating System
Dear All,

It's been a long and painful journey but i reckon i've got all my previous issues under control.

I've had to do a system restore several times, because i get frequent crashes after installing updates from windows.

Would it be a good idea just to get service pack 1 from windows web site?
Also what FREE virus protection would anyone recomend.

Another thing, i have 2 hardrives, 1 of them has the operating system on, the other is just for data: i can't use the second one because windows needs to iniciate it or something, when i click on it, it gives me the option to format it, This takes ages, and because i don't have much time, i want to know whether it's working or not. I have canceled every attempt because i thought there was something wrong. This HD is 1TB big, so would that mean that it would take a long time?

Thanks :)