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Hardware or Software Problem?


FPCH New Member
Feb 22, 2007
I keep getting the blue screen of death. If I send a report to MS I'm sometimes told it's a hardware fault, sometimes I'm told it's a driver problem. I have updated the graphics driver to no effect. I have also downloaded a Drive Fitness Test from IBM (PC has an IBM hard disk) - it reports all OK. I run AVG and Spybot regularly. Can anyone suggest what I should do next? I was thinking of renewing the hard disk as it does make some strange noises these days - will I be wasting my time and money? Can anyone suggest where I can get detailed instructions on how to do this as I am not an expert!

PC is about 5 years old - Athlon 1700+XP. I run Windows XP.

Thanks out there!



FPCH Member
Jan 21, 2006
Telford, UK
I think the best thing to do is reduce your computer to its 'bare bones'. That is, take out everything from the case except: power supply, motherboard, processor and cooling fan, one stick of RAM (memory), your main hard drive and a graphics card. If you have an onboard card, take out any AGP or PCI-E graphics card too.

This will reduce the possibility of whatever hardware may have been causing the BSOD. Now I recommend you run Sandra Lite with its own stress test routine. Make sure you set it to its most demanding setting. If you have a basic hardware problem, it wil soon surface and the current hardware being stress tested will be the cause. If no BSOD occurs, gradually add each piece of hardware back.

Sorry it's such a length procedure, but it should work well.