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HDD Not Being Detected


FPCH New Member
Jul 2, 2007
Hardware: Asus A8v Deluxe/ AMD CPU 3800+/1Gb Ram/ (3) 160 Gb Western Digital HDD/ CD RW & Dvd-RW

I used to use (5) HDD on this pc (3 IDE Connected) and 2 Sata Connectted (i've taken out the 2 Sata drive for use in another pc.

Problem: Dive 'G' connected to Raid Controller not being detected

This is what is happening:'C' and 'F" drives are detected and working..( they are connected to Primary IDE Connector on Mobo- 'C' (Master) 'F' (Slave)

'G' Drive (Master) is connected to the Primary Raid Controller on the Mobo. I went into BIOS and in the advanced changed the connector mode from RAID to IDE Mode...f10 reboot still no change.

This 'G' HDD is working because i have switched the connectors from 'F' and the drive contents are there.
Jumper settings on 'C' and "F" are Master and Slave

'G' HDD jumper is set on 'Master"

Any ideas would be appreciated ...thanx Stan ( fortifier@hotmail.com )
: )


FPCH Member
Jan 21, 2006
Telford, UK
If they are all regular partitions and there is no RAIDing going on, why don't you scrap remembering which drive was which, pull out everything and start again. Reset your BIOS, take out all of the drives and IDE ribbon cables and start again. Put one as a master and another as a slave on one IDE and the third drive as a master on the other IDE.