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help and advice needed about trainning


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Jul 4, 2011
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I am still wondering what to do about developing a career in IT as their is so many confusing info on the internet and I am trying to decide what to do. first thing of all is I understand allot of employers requirements are that you have a degree I don't know if this needs to be in IT or not.

The first thing I wish to talk about is degrees I have been offered only 30 credits towards an open university degree in IT and computing based on this I would have to study it for around 4 years at least part time however I have been offered 240 credits towards an open degree.

I am contemplating which to do I don't like the idea of doing it for 5 years basically if I did IT as a subject it would take me 5 years part time to complete a degree.

If I do the open degree as I all ready have a HND in design communications and because of this the open university have awarded me 240 credits towards an open degree which is not a named degree as such. clearly this means I could get a degree in 2 years part time or 1 year full time.

I am really unsure which would be best to get for me currently would not having an IT degree stop me from being able to get an IT job?

Also I am really unsure about what courses would be a good decision for me to do for example the A++ or the mcsa, mcse courses I have seen some that are done by computeach but when I called to discuss my problems here they seemed to try to sell me a sales pitch.

computeach told me the fee was £1700 to do the Microsoft certified courses and the A++ for 12 months subscription which seemed to me they were trying to do the hard sell.

I am really unsure what is the best path to follow clearly allot of employers are demanding a degree but I am not convinced being Microsoft certified would get me a good paying job what do you know about the best way to break in and what is the job employment prospects out their.

Is the fact I have 2 years experience administrating a picking and load system at a super market home shopping a good thing to have on my CV computeach was saying it would not really show any thing to an employer.

since you have allot of experience I would like your opinion what would be the best step forward to develop a career clearly I cant go any where with in super market any more its a case who you know rather than how hard you work.

thanks paul.


Oct 19, 2008
Wirral UK
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You have posted this on at least 6 forums !!

Brian Svidergol & contitego posted long posts to you yesterday - which you have not had the decency to reply to. ( different forums )

You should realise that good manners cost nothing.

If you need advice try the local careers office.
Try writing to university departments and ask their advice.
Write to IT firms and ask them what they would expect from a job applicant.

You have to realise that a degree is no guarantee of a job. You have to sell yourself.
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