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HELP annoying pc thing.


FPCH New Member
Oct 24, 2007
Hi. i'm on a fugitsu p series lifebook. i use windows xp and i think the year of the model is 2004 or 2005 maybe.

i consider myself mildly proficient at computer stuff but i have this one tiny problem that has been bugging me to no end.
i like many in my generation use itunes. and when i first downloaded it about 4 years ago i told the program to make its home base (i don't know the proper terminology for it but thats what i'm calling it) on my desktop. since then i has been updated and such and there are more and more little icons on there which i don't like. i try moving them but when i open itunes it freaks out and can't find things.

so here's my question. how do i move the home base somewhere else and put a short cut on my desk top?
i don't want to delete the whole program for fear of loosing my music.

please help me.



FPCH New Member
Nov 4, 2007
Basically if thats where the root is why did you change it from the original in program files??
im not sure if it is possible
reinstall itunes to the default program files directory.

you wont loose your music unless its actually physically in your itunes folder. perhaps move the music onto your desktop then move itunes folder of your desktop to somewhere else then just clear the library in itunes and put all the music back in by dragging and dropping the entire folder

problems should be solved