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Help certain websites not showing


FPCH New Member
Jun 30, 2007
Hello we have windows XP, to date we have been able to use bravenet and have our own personal websites through bravenet had no problems up until yesterday. when we type in the web address we just get cannot find server, but all other websites work... we installed AVG today and rebooted after installation was complete only now computer wont get past the windows is starting up screen can somebody please help us find a solution to this problem...
Kind regards


FPCH Member
Jun 29, 2007
PC Experience
have you tried booting in to safe mode yet....try tapping f8 on windows startup and select safe mode,then trying removing avg,and rebooting if that doesnt work reboot into safe mode again and do a system restore.start>all programs>accessories>system tools>systme restore.
post back if that doesnt help.