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help I'm split


FPCH New Member
Apr 30, 2008
I have had my pc serviced and during this process they
Split Hard Drive into 2 partitions (sections) - C: Windows - 8.78 GB & D: Data - 65.7 GB
I need to unsplit it so that my C: is back to 80GB capacity.
Can I do this myself????:eek:


FPCH Long Term Member
Feb 7, 2007
South Africa
Hi jen

Welcome to Free PC Help.

As far as i know you have to delete both partitions and then create one new one.

There may be some partitoning tools that does not require to delete anything but i dont know what they are but the other techs on this forum know and they will be online soon to give further advice on this.


Hi Jen

It sounds to me like they made a recovery partition on your drive, call them to ascertain if this is the case.

If it is then I strongly suggest that you do not format or alter it in any way.

Please get back to us on this.


I really think we should wait for Jen to get back to us on this Ron as that partition looks the perfect size for a recovery.


FPCH Long Term Member
Jan 9, 2008
34° 12' 35" N, 118° 29' 21" W
65GB is way too big for a recovery drive. Recovery drives typically only contain the OS and some evaluation software which only at most takes about 4 to 5 GB of space.

I didn't tell her to do it. I only provided links for her request.

Jen, if you're not sure what it is or what you're doing then please do ask - don't just grab these tools and try to do it on your own without knowing what and why you're wanting to do it.


I misread mate but 8GB is way too small to house the OS so it definitely needs repartitioning.


That's very true Jeb, what I meant to say was 8gb will be fine until Jen starts installing programs, the space will soon be used up.


FPCH Member
Jan 8, 2008
Aperture Science
PC Experience
Operating System
Windows XP - Media Center Edition
Though if the D: can be accessed, there shouldn't be much problem. I'm accustomed to using a second drive, and it's only infrequently be a problem should the drive volume on a program being installed from a disc be hard-coded into the installation.