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Help I'm Stuck!!!!!


FPCH New Member
Jun 10, 2006
My computer had decided it will not work, everytime i turn it on it brings up a blank screen then asks to set up in safe mode, safe mode with networking, safe mode with prompts, restore to last settings that worked or set computer up normally. Whichever one i choose it seems to start but then returns back to the same screen!!!

It's an Advent with windows XP anyone know whats wrong with it??

Any help is appreciated as i am about to chuck it out the window!!!!


Jan 21, 2006
Try booting from a Win XP disk, and choosing the Repair options.

Unfortunately I haven't got one here with me, so I can't give you the specific commands. Look in the XP documentation. You can get to a System Restore from there, and should be able to restore to a time you last knew the PC was working.

Also, FYI, throwing things out of the window is also known as 'defenstration' - one of my favourite words!!