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Help my pc is playing up


FPCH New Member
Jan 26, 2007
The problem i'm having is every time i switch on my pc the monitor goes to standby and will not turn on i have tried 2 monitors and they both do the same thing so i cant use my pc cause the monitor keeps staying on standby, I have tried to disconect everything and even un-plugged it all and it still keeps going to standby....Can someone tell me how to fit this please...the monitor is samsung syncmaster and the pc tower is Bonsai 1008 this computer is around 5/6 years old and has worked fine up to the past week. Any help would be great


FPCH Member
Jan 21, 2006
Telford, UK
It sounds like you have had a hardware failure. Do the fans inside the computer spin up? Do any LEDs come on when you press the power?

The answers to those questions will help determine which components need checking or replacing.