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Help needed!!! Windows XP


FPCH New Member
Jan 20, 2007

I hope someone can help me, I was using windows 98 and have had my system upgraded to XP service pack 2, I am not an IT or tecky person and really only have a basic clue of computer workings but here is my problem.

When I was using windows 98 I purchased a Seagate 320GB USB2 7200rpm 8MB, this worked very well for storing files, video, etc although the USB i had is Number one and not two it still worked a treat, however with the new operating XP system I cannot access any of the files or video, it sees the drive no problem and when i enter it is asks me to format drive, I have always say no to this as I think it will then wipe all the info that is on there, the Seagate site is rubbish and i cannot seem to get any tech help.

Any Ideas???? as I need some of the files & Video Footage urgently.

Please help or at least point in the right direction.


pc tech

FPCH Member
Jan 19, 2007
HI burtoncustomx

need to know what you see in disk management when you connect the drive to your usb connection right click my computer and click manage
then click disk management it should show up in there as healthy does it ?


PC Tech