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Help With Sound Cutting Out

Evil Ares

FPCH New Member
May 18, 2012
PC Experience
Some Experience

First time poster, I've been searching for solutions to my problem but I cannot seem to find it (I'm not too knowledgeable about these kind of things either).

Here's what happened:

Sound worked fine up until Diablo 3 coming out. I install Diablo 3 - still worked fine at this point. Blizzard (company who makes Diablo) detected my video card driver wasn't up to date. I go to nvidia's website and update it to the latest. It was a rather long download/install process. When it was done, it asked to reset the computer. I reset the computer, and immediately I notice from the Windows start-up chime that the sound is cutting / jumping / glitching.. whatever you wanna call it. It has been doing it ever since (4 days as of this post). Youtube videos, music, Facebook games, and of course, Diablo 3, are all cruddy sounding.

The sound mostly works fine when I'm not doing anything - such as typing this right now - but when something loads up or is downloading, it jumps / static cut out, etc.

My sound driver is dated 2006 I notice, and I cannot seem to find a link to any updated driver without having to pay for a service to find one for me.

A -possibly- related issue.. it seems that my computer is talking 10 times as long to download a simple youtube video since the video driver update.

Here's what I'm working with..

Sound looks like it's from my Motherboard, It says the device is "SoundMAX HD Audio"

Video Card - Nvidia GeForce 7900 GT / GTO

Thanks very much!

Plastic Nev

Deceased - sadly missed
Oct 19, 2008
Hi and welcome to Free PC Help.
Possibly some problem with that graphics card driver. As a quick solution I suggest doing a system restore to a time previous to installing that driver, and then refuse to reinstall that driver. If everything else works OK why should you install it?

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