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FPCH New Member
Mar 4, 2008
right folks i have a problem i have lots and lots of partitions (done by myself exp here )

after some flaws with xp i decided to save some pictures in a partition however over time they became duplicated as well as some audio in various formats...

is there an easy simple to use copy (without deletion on system files etc etc) program that will simply copy all images compare the names and sizes before putting them all in one place ie: a partition labled family pictures?
it also must leave the images on other partitions alone(but copyed) so i can format them and re install windows to end all my woes leaving all images for deletion if i deem fit in the aforementioned partition
thanks in advance


Hello Dark Tiger

Welcome to Free PC Help

Ok let me get this right you simply want to copy all pictures on a given partition ie C: to another partition with the view to formatting C: at some stage?

Do you have any partitions at the moment or any software to create any?

If not here is a link to some Free Partitioning Tools

If you do have a partition or partitions like in the shot below then simply cut or copy and paste the pics to that partition.

Direct Link