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Help!! =[


FPCH New Member
Nov 14, 2007
From what I have gathered from reading forums and stuff, most routers do not have a USB port so I can connect my USB modem to it.

However, I do how an Ethernet port in my modem AND in my computer so I could logically make the switch to Ethernet, but how simple is it to actually switch from USB to Ethernet? Will my computer just ask me to install some hardware and that'll be it??

Because I have a feeling things'll turn out much more complicated than that because this modem likes to be tempermental and annoy me!

Also, I've just come across one of these:

Which will switch my USB connection to an Ethernet on. I guess this would seem pointless and I should just connect it from both Ethernet ports but I'm hoping the modem would not mess up with this option! Would this USB to LAN thingy work with networking?

Would anyone like to recommend which option would be best for me... and if either of these options will actually work??

I've tried to write this as well as I can, I'm sorry if you can't understand what I'm asking but I really need some help! xD!

Please help me!

Thank you,

EDIT: I have also read about ADSL routers to replace USB modems but I do not understand how these work, could someone please explain to me how these work and show me which ports this type of router would go in? Thanks.


FPCH Member
Jan 21, 2006
Telford, UK
Ethernet is the simplest form of connection for your modem. It will not require any drivers or software to be installed and is much more reliable than the USB connection. If your modem has an Ethernet port, simply hook up an Ethernet cable between it and your computer's Ethernet port, reboot and you should be online.