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How to backup Surface RT


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Jan 5, 2011
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I have a Surface Rt which was a present. It has a problem with the HDMI socket which only connects if strained in one position. Have tried two cables but its the tablet that's wrong. I intend taking it back under guarantee but if they offer another tablet how can I get all my saved data from games and installations onto another device?. My kids have several games where they have worked for months to get to advanced scores. They certainly won't be happy to have to start again!. So how can I back up everything before taking it back to the shop?


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Feb 9, 2013
South Yorkshire UK
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I'm sure someone will explain how to back the device up on your computer but in the meantime I'll just point this out in case its useful ...

I have 3D Racing on my tablet but have never "signed up" or "logged in"

Each time I open the program it shows the stage I've reached but only for my tablet.

Presumably if I had signed up, or signed up now, then bought a new tablet I'd be able to sign in and carry on where I left off.



Jan 22, 2003
USA, Nebraska
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Since I don't have a Surface or use Windows 8 I can only provide a link that may help for a backup option.

Game saves on Windows should be stored in the AppData folder which according to the link above also gets backed up. If not go to the AppData folder and manually copy the game folder. Once a game is installed on a new device replace the game folder with the copy you made. My grandson plays Minecraft and in AppData is a folder named ".minecraft". Inside are his game saves and modifications such as texture packs. If he adds a mod he has to copy it to this folder.

AppData is a hidden folder. Rather than unhiding it go to "Run" and type "%appdata%" withoute the quotes.

Sorry I can't help more.
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