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How to install Windows using a USB Pen Drive and WinToFlash.

Jelly Bean

FPCH Distinguished Member
May 23, 2009
WinToFlash is a software that makes your USB pen drive into an installation option.You can install any Windows version via USB pen drive by using this simple software.It is the easiest software that I have found on the internet.

This is a good tool to use to install windows were a laptop/netbook or computer is without a CD/DVD drive.

You will need:

A working computer with a CD/DVD drive.
4 gig bootable pen/flash drive.
Full Windows install disk.

Step 1:
Download WinToFlash
Save to your desktop.

Step 2:
Extract the zip file, then double click on WinToFlash.exe

Step 3:
Click Accept button...

Step 4: Click the button to enter Wizard mode...

Step 5:
Use wizard mode instead of advanced mode, so click Next...

Step 6:
On Windows files path click Select button

Step 7:
Select CD/DVD drive that contain Windows XP CD or folder that contain Windows files... then click OK

Step 8:
USB drive click Select button

Step 9:
Select USB Flash drive ... then click OK

Step 10:
Click Next button...

Step 11:
Select "I Accepted the terms of the license agreement" then click Continue...

Step 12:
Warning! Formatting will erase ALL DATA on target disk. To format press OK, to quit press Cancel.

Click OK

Step 13:
Please wait while WinToFlash transferring Windows setup to flash drive

Step 14:
Finished... click Next then Exit
USB Flash drive ready...

On computer without CD/DVD drive (e.g. Aspire One)
you must change the first boot order to USB Flash drive from BIOS. How to do this?

Change Boot order from BIOS:

Step 1:
Plug a Flash drive into a USB port on your computer/laptop

Step 2:
Turn on your laptop then hit F2 rapidly (or Del for some other machine)
then go to Boot tab > change boot order > then hit F10 key to Save and Exit

Now you can boot from USB Flash drive, first select
1st, text mode setup (Boot from flash again after finished)
then... on the first restart, select
2nd, GUI mode setup, continue setup + 1st start of Windows

Install Windows XP as usual...

Using a USB pen drive to install windows will take more time than using the original install disk.

This software is excellent and I used it yesterday to install on my babies Acer Aspire netbook with no issues at all.
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