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HP Support Assistant woes


Free PC Help Contributor
Jan 5, 2011
PC Experience
Having bit the bullet and bought a new HP laptop to replace my aged Dell Latitude, I am having just one little niggle - the HP support assistant. It always shows the exclamation mark and even if I then go into it and read the messages then delete them it still brings the same things back again so I cant get rid of the little yellow triangle. It has two sections one for the PC and one for the printer but it always its says there is one update for the PC but when I open the tab is says there are no updates!!! For the printer it constantly shows 2 messages which I read then delete but then they simply reappear again. Agggggg.. How do I cure this???


Admin & Security Team
Feb 19, 2010
Midlands, UK
PC Experience
Very Experienced
Hi again joddle,

HP Support Assistant woes
Your title says it all.
This is a known problematic piece of rubbish that HP force on you. ( like most manufacturers ...it's called 'cr apware' )
Most people just uninstall it.
Your OS doesn't need this to run properly.
If you need an updated driver at any time ( which isn't very often) you could download it manually.... you don't need software running all the time checking this.
If this system is Win10 ... there was problems and the Support Assistant needed reinstalling.

How To: Fix HP Support Assistant After the Windows 10 Upgrade

When I bought my Acer laptop I removed nearly all of the preinstalled stuff.
It's never needed.... this is proven by running a 'Clean Install' on a system.... where only the OS is installed.