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IE 7.0 on Windows XP going CRRAAZZZYYY! Help???


FPCH New Member
May 20, 2007
Hello and thanks in advance for your help.

****I asked this question before and ended up going with FireFox....however my husband REFUSES to use anything other than IE so I need help with IE itself. Please DO NOT recommend FireFox. I use it, and I LOVE it... but he does not.*****

My IE browser is going CRAZY. Whenever I open a new IE browser (or sometimes just go to a different site) a totally different bar shows up, starting with "File" and "Edit"... and it flickers off and on, making it impossible to click on anything because the link or button I try to click on keeps going up and down! This is driving me insane. It happened before and it went away for a while, but now its back!

My husband and I have run spyware/virus sweepers and it doesn't make this stop!

Pleeeeaaaaassseeeeeeee help!!!!