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INSTALLING NEW HARD DRIVE PROBLEM Non system disk or disk error


FPCH New Member
Sep 28, 2007
Hi i just wondered if anyone could give me your expert help i tried to fit a new Seagate 160gb hard drive in my compaq evo d310.

I fitted the hard drive and my pc recognised the drive so i saved the changes then i got a message saying;

Non system disk or disk error, replace and strike any key when ready.

there were no disks in any of my drives,i just wondered if you would know of any other things that may be causing this problem or if it could be the hard drive at fault.

Thankyou Rich.


FPCH Member
Jun 29, 2007
PC Experience
Operating System
have you made sure you have set master and slave correctly.
check the cabling going to any floppy drive you have..
is the new drive a slave or is it to have the operating system on it...
if its blank and set to master,and also set to boot from it then you will receive this error with some bios's.
check al lyour connections
post back more info,,,
Sep 26, 2007
Its definitely a "jumper" error it sounds like its trying to load an OS from that new drive.

You need to consult the paper work that came with your drive on how to change the jumper settings so that your new drive is a slave unless you want to install an OS on it in any case post back for instructions on wot to do