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Interminably slow to non existent wireless internet connection on PC

PFJ Rich

New member
Mar 27, 2020
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Can anyone please help. I've just bought a new PC and the internet on it won't go past 1 bar. This is despite the fact it runs fine on every other device.

I'm trying to get up and running as I want to use the downtime to learn how to program, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Please find the specs below:

Modem - Realtek RTL8192EE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC

Intel (r) Core (TM) i5-9400F CPU @ 2.90GHz

Operating system and driver version - Windows 10 Home 1903

Driver version of modem - 2023.70.109.2018
ISP - Virgin Media - Wifi


Aug 28, 2017
Here since I am not there
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What is the distance between the modem and system?

Do you get a stable connection if you are directly connected to the modem?

Are you connecting on the 2.4 GHz or the 5 GHz?
5 GHz has a weaker signal strength and does not pass through surfaces as easily as 2.4 GHz.

What are the substances between system and the modem?
The more the signal has to pass through the weaker the signal will become.

Are other devices connecting in the same way in the same place having the same issue?

What is the WiFi card in the system make and model?
USB have more issues than cards do for signal transmit and receive.

Have you tried changing the broadcast channel on the modem?
If there are other wireless transmitting signals and they are in the same broadcasting channel then that will cause interference.
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