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internet access


FPCH New Member
Feb 4, 2012
PC Experience
Some Experience
hi guys can anyone help i am trying to fix up a mates laptop.Now it had virus ( they have gone now )
i was able to access the internet now i get a yellow triangle on the internet bar indicator , it says connected and also no internet access so i cant get online line any help please.

Plastic Nev

Deceased - sadly missed
Oct 19, 2008
Hi, it would be of a lot of help if you can tell us both what virus was involved and how it was removed.
Although you may think it has gone, there may still be traces lurking, plus while on the system may well have done some damage to the operating system.

We do need to know much more, it would also be of help for finding the correct drivers if some are missing now, if you can tell us the make and model of the laptop.



FPCH New Member
Feb 6, 2012
PC Experience
Elite PC Guru
If you tell us which virus you "Removed" maybe we can help you remove it properly. Maybe your wireless drivers was corrupted by the virus, have you tried re-installing them?
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