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internet connection keeps cutting off


FPCH New Member
Aug 4, 2006
Hi, can anyone help.am not very good with computers.i keep losing my internet connection. Then have to switch everything off and start again. have phoned internet supplier many times, but its nothing to do with them, My pc is clean, Have windows xp and have never had a problem until the last few daysAs i said am not to good with stuff. took me ten minutes to work out how to post this message. be gratefull for any ideas.


FPCH Member
Feb 12, 2006
if you are on AOL, then its possibly a case of AOL being rubbish, either buy your own router, which will help, or change ISPs. AOL has this problem where every so often it forgets your existence. re-installing aol (after completely purging the system of it before) as well as cleaning all connections will help, an installing new locations is a quick fix, though it doesnt always work/last.