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Internet Connection Lose (Vista)

Oct 17, 2007
Hello, everytime I close my laptop (as in shut the monitor:hibernate) when I go back to it and bring it out of hibernation I lose connection to my internet. It does not pick up my wireless router until I've restarted it? Apparently it is a problem with Vista and their new service pack will solve this but this was more like rumour than absolute!


FPCH Member
Jun 29, 2007
PC Experience
Operating System
yes ther eis an issue with vista and connection after hibernation/standby.
the only resolution is to refresh your wireless network list and then click connect.
this should be resolved in there soon to be released service pack...i believe november the 15th was the day,but cant say for sure.
this doesnt effect all vista installs though just a few.
out of interest what laptop do you have and what wireess card do you have.