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Internet connection loss


FPCH New Member
Nov 29, 2006
I lose my connection after 30 mins or so. Pull my modem cable out from the back of the laptop...re connect the cable and to the net....and again it lasts so long. Maybe dodgy usb ports? Very frustrating!


Jan 22, 2003
USA, Nebraska
PC Experience
Very Experienced
Hi youngy ;

Possibly an intermittently failing modem. I've seen it before.
Possibly a problem with your Provider. Check with them.

But since you state your modem is hooked up via USB ports you might want to try one one or two other things.

If you have more then one USB port try connecting your modem to one or more of the other hubs.

Whether or not that works you could also try going into the Device Manager and removing the USB Root Hubs.

Restart your computer and it should reinstall them on bootup. This often times works.

It's worth a try and can't hurt;