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Internet problem

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FPCH New Member
Mar 4, 2008
hello there,
got an annoying problem here. I'll start from the beginning. I opened port manually for my bittorrent program. And after some time yellow triangle turned on. I tested if my ports were still open, but they weren't, though im 100% sure they were. So i've changed the port for bittorrent to another one and opened it manually again on my hub. Few days later i see that its closed again! Any ideas whats causing this? One more strange thing i noticed when this happend, when im trying to send an email on yahoo.com with the attachment, im getting a "massage could not be sent due to connection problem " error.

Thank you for any ideas!


Hello Sally

Welcome to Free PC Help

Unfortunately we cannot offer any advice regarding Torrent software or problems ensuing from it on this site.
Torrent software is a Peer to Peer file sharing application as you know and primarily used for downloading items of an illegal nature.

Therefore this thread is closed with regard to that aspect but your email problem may relate to something else, please make a post on that in the appropriate forum.
Not open for further replies.